Terms and Conditions

We recommend that you read through the terms and conditions carefully before booking a tour with Spring AS.


  1. Booking. 


  • The customer will pay a deposit of 1250 NOK, before the full balance is due 30 days before the starting date. 


  • If the customer books a tour within 30 days before the starting date, the customer has to pay the full balance. 


  • It is the customers responsibility to check that the tour documents you receive agree with the booking.


  2. Cancellation


  • We recommend that all customers have a valid travel insurance that covers cancellation due to an unforeseen event such as sudden injury or sickness, injury or death in the customer's own household or immediate family (cohabitant, child, parents, parent-in-law or sibling) that prevents them from travelling or makes it irresponsible to do so.


  • All cancellations must be made in writing to Spring as soon as the customer is aware that she/he cannot go on the tour. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company.


  • Our refund policy is as follows:

  • If the customer cancels the booking 30 days before the start date, the participant will lose the deposit price.


  • If the customer cancels the booking between 29 days and 14 days before the start date of the trip, the participant will lose 50% of the total price of the trip. If you cancel less than 14 days before the start date, the customer will pay 100% of the total price of the trip.


  • No refunds are paid to customers who fail to turn up on the start date.


  • Cancellations directly related to the Coronavirus have free cancellation.


  3. Changes from Spring AS before the tour starts or the cancellation of the tour.


  • Spring AS can change the terms of the agreement only if necessary due to external circumstances. The customer may break the agreement with Spring AS if Spring AS does not carry out what has been stated in the tour descriptions. The customer must inform Spring AS that she/he wishes to terminate the agreement. If this is not done, the customer loses this right to break the agreement.


  • If the minimum number of participants 4 has not been met, Spring AS has the right to cancel the trip 21 days prior to the start date. The customer will be offered what? Another date, money back – how much money do we need to pay the hotels and everything if this happens??


  • The routes stated on the itinerary are subject to change if deemed unsafe by a member of staff at Spring AS. In case of itinerary changes, the customer will be informed of such changes in a timely manner and will receive an updated itinerary.

  4. The participants responsibility during the tour.


  • All participants must accept that they participate at their own risk. There is an element of risk (list not exhaustive) from: broken bones, muscle or ligament injuries, rockfall etc. The routes have sections of natural trails and participants should run accordingly to the terrain and take advice from information in the risk assessment. 


  • Spring AS will not pay any costs that are caused due to participants poor condition or other personal circumstances.


  • The customer is obliged to follow any rules that have been given by Spring AS or another person hired by Spring AS. 


  • The customer is obliged to respect other party members of the tour. 


  • The customer is obliged to respect any wildlife they may meet during the tour.


  • The customer is obliged to respect and not cause damage to any of the running trails.


  • If the customer causes any damage through negligence, they are held responsible for and must compensate for any damage.


  • If the customer wishes to leave the tour before the end date, they must state this in writing to Spring AS. 

  • The customer is responsible to arrive on time and place on the start date of the trip.


  • The customer is responsible for bringing the correct equipment and clothes for the tour from the recommended list provided by Spring AS.


  5. Pricing. 


  • Each tour on the website specifies what is included in the price with regard to accommodation, transport, food. 


  6. Insurance


  • Insurance is not included in the price of the tour. The customer should have insurance to cover medical and accidents. 

  7. Risks

  • It is important to understand that while in Sogn, Norway you could experience a broad variation of weather in less than one day. It is vital to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing to be able to enjoy the routes to the fullest. Warm, windproof clothing in addition to good, sturdy shoes should do the trick.

  • Tours offered and operated by Spring AS are in an environment which may be very different from the kind of environment you are used to. The terrain and weather conditions in this area, carry with them inherent risks, safety risks. You must understand and accept these risks before booking with us and embarking on your tour. The most significant risks are:

  • Risks associated with outdoor activities, they involve a degree of personal risk and Spring AS and their guides cannot guarantee my safety.

  • Being separated from the group

  • Getting wet

  • Being cold